Mali’s Nonuplets | Rabbit Holes #Shorts

Mali’s Nonuplets | Rabbit Holes #Shorts


Ahmed, Baba and Tarik El Barakah. 5 May 2021. “Woman from Mali gives birth to 9 babies in Morocco.” AP.

Chappell, Bill. 6 May 2021. “Nonuplets: Woman From Mali Gives Birth To 9 Babies.” NPR.

Guenfoud, Ibtissem. 30 July 2021. “Mom speaks out about giving birth to 9 babies.” ABC News.

Hanson, Kait. 30 July 2021. “Exclusive: Moroccan doctor who delivered first-ever living nonuplets speaks out.” Today.

Staff. 6 May 2021. “Malian woman gives birth to nine babies.” BBC.

Staff. 26 Jan 2009. “Octuplets born in Bellflower [UPDATED].” LA Times.

Times Machine Articles:

June 13 1971. “Australian Woman Gives Birth to Nine, Seven of Them Alive.”

June 14, 1971. “4 Still Survive in Birth of 9.”

June 20, 1971. “Last of the Nonuplets Dies at Sydney Hospital.”

May 30, 1972. “9 Dead Fetuses Delivered.”

And according to Wikipedia and various sources, a set of nonuplets were born on 26 March 1999, in Malaysia to Zurina Mat Saad, two were still born and the rest died soon after the birth. I cannot find primary sources for this.

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