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I stumbled upon a LADbibleTV YouTube interview featuring “Annie” who claimed to be the driving force fighting against child sacrifice in Uganda. The interview was suspicious because it was all about her and not promoting the cause, and the comment section reflected the warped priorities: when viewers leave a discussion of child murder feeling more for the “activist” than the victims and their families it a red flag.

Her conciet was so overblown that I stopped the video part way to verify that child sacrifice in Uganda was something covered by more legitimate news sources, and yes: child sacrifice is a problem in Uganda. However, unlike Annie’s claims, a lot of people and organizations have been fighting against it for a very long time. But, for what it’s worth, I will give credit to LADbibleTV for prompting me to look into the subject and share it here.

Modern-day Child Sacrifice in Uganda

Around 80% of Uganda’s population use traditional healers, such as witch doctors, to remove spells or protect against witchcraft (unassociated with neopaganism), or to gain wealth. Some (not all) witch doctors engage in the abduction and murder of children for body parts and blood to use in rituals.

In Uganda, the 2009 Children’s Act was updated in 2016 to include laws specifically against child sacrifice, however, enforcement is a problem when the police are themselves superstitious. Local efforts include amber alert systems and a support network of traditional healers who reject blood sacrifice. Many individuals and groups have been fighting locally, nationally, and internationally to end child sacrifice in Uganda for a long time.

For more info and to see if you can help, the links are below. 


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Uganda Child Rights NGO Network.

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