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Baby-Eating Witches, Surrogacy, Fertility, Baby Scoop, Old West Midwife, #moms | Rabbit Holes Ep 3


  1. Baby Eating Witches: Stodolny, Tomasz. 16 Dec 2020. “Bochnia. Druga ludzka czaszka na Rynku. Hipoteza o odkryciu miejsca palenia czarownic się umacnia? – WIDEO.”
  2. Surrogacy
  3. Fertility
  4. Baby Scoop: Belkin, Lisa. 22 Jan 2021. “Adoption Used to Be Hush-Hush. This Book Amplifies the Human Toll.” The New York Times.
  5. Old West Midwives: North, Anna. 26 Jan 2021. “I enjoyed researching the bloody history of childbirth – then I had a baby.” The Guardian.
  6. The “Mom Internet”

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Aradia Wyndham

Book and Baby Historian, frolicking through archives. Panics when low on chocolate rations. Will embarrass self in any social situation to point out or pet other people's dogs. Habitual stumbler, peppermint tea drinker. People watcher, pizza slayer.

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