Baby-Eating Witches, Surrogacy, Fertility, Baby Scoop, Old West Midwife, #moms | Rabbit Holes Ep 3


  1. Baby Eating Witches: Stodolny, Tomasz. 16 Dec 2020. “Bochnia. Druga ludzka czaszka na Rynku. Hipoteza o odkryciu miejsca palenia czarownic się umacnia? – WIDEO.”
  2. Surrogacy
  3. Fertility
  4. Baby Scoop: Belkin, Lisa. 22 Jan 2021. “Adoption Used to Be Hush-Hush. This Book Amplifies the Human Toll.” The New York Times.
  5. Old West Midwives: North, Anna. 26 Jan 2021. “I enjoyed researching the bloody history of childbirth – then I had a baby.” The Guardian.
  6. The “Mom Internet”

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