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Baby Boxes, Useless Newborns, Human Milk, Forced Sterilizations, Essure, SMA, Baby Teeth |Rabbit Holes Ep7


Hasch, Brooke. 9 March 2021. “Kentucky could be next stop for Safe Haven Baby Boxes.” ABC: WHASII.

Palmer, Emma. 12 March 2021. “Southend memories: Abandoned babies left on the beach.” Newsquest: Echo.

Cave, Damien. 8 March 2021. “She Was Imprisoned for Killing Her 4 Children. But Was It Their Genes All Along?” NYT

Miller-Still, Ray. 5 March 2021. “Babies are useless for some pretty useful reasons.” Courier-Herald.

Bradshaw, Julia. 15 March 2021. “Europe’s first breast milk processing plant opens in Redditch.” The Telegraph via MSN.

Carranza Ko, Ñusta. Undated. “Forcibly sterilized during Fujimori dictatorship, thousands of Peruvian women demand justice.” The Conversation.

Clementson, Laura, Vik Adhopia, Andrew Culbert. 4 March 2021. “Women in Canada turn to courts in fight for compensation over birth control implant complications.” CBC News.

GARD DIAMOND, Rickey. 1 March 2021. “Other Countries Have Safety Nets. The U.S. Has Mothers.” Ms Magazine.

25 Feb 2021. “Child Rights Manifesto released.” The Hindu.

Vowell, Elizabeth. 23 Feb 2021. “Newborn becomes youngest patient to receive lifesaving $2 million treatment.” KSLA12

Flatow, Ira. 5 March 2021.“Talking Through The History Of Our Teeth.” Science Friday.

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