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Aussie Baby Farmer, Stonehenge Baby, Medieval Birth, Stolen Newborn, Unregulated Sperms, Liquid Ventilation | Rabbit Holes ep 4

Sources: Perth’s Baby Farmer: Budrikis, Stella. 29 Sept 2020. “The Edward Street Baby Farm.” Freemantle Press. Wayne, Emma. 27 Jan 2021. “How dark world of ‘baby farming’ was exposed in sensational trial that brought lasting change.” Australian Broadcasting Company. Stonehenge Beaker Baby Burial: Morris, Steven. 4 Feb 2021. “Archaeologists unearth […]

Baby-Eating Witches, Surrogacy, Fertility, Baby Scoop, Old West Midwife, #moms | Rabbit Holes Ep 3

Sources Baby Eating Witches: Stodolny, Tomasz. 16 Dec 2020. “Bochnia. Druga ludzka czaszka na Rynku. Hipoteza o odkryciu miejsca palenia czarownic się umacnia? – WIDEO.” Surrogacy Stevenson, Alexandra and Cao Li. 20 Jan 2021. “A Chinese Celebrity Scandal Puts Surrogate Births on Trial.” The New York Times. Roache, Madeline. 13 Sep […]

The Needham Ghost Baby of Cook’s Bridge

It’s not often that we hear about ghost stories with infants as the protagonists, I’ve heard a couple (the disembodied crying baby or weirdness with baby monitors), but usually, if it’s a halfling ghost, it’ll be a child. But that wasn’t the case in Needham, Massachusetts in 1839–  Just past […]