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Hi there, my name is Aradia Wyndham and I’m The Baby Historian. I read through old books and magazines, dig through archives, and art history databases and then share what I learn through blog posts and videos.

As an undergraduate I studied anthropology with a particular interest in infant care around the world and throughout history; focusing on infant transport strategies. As a graduate student, I studied book history with a focus on Early Modern printed medical and domestic manuals that concerned pregnancy, birth, and infant care. Notice a theme, eh?

I worked as a nanny throughout university and continue to teach babywearing in my community. After becoming medically disabled, I began a blog on research I began as an undergraduate on the prehuman origins of the infant carrier called The Evolution of Babywearing, which is becoming a book (eventually). Now I have started The Baby Historian as a way to expand my research beyond babywearing.

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This website isn’t free and unfortunately neither are most of my research materials, so if you would like to support TBH, please consider donating below (through Stripe). It’s set at $1 but you can enter whatever amount you are comfortable with, or if you prefer, check out my Patreon page. And thank you for your support, whether donating or just reading/watching/liking/subscribing/sharing. I really appreciate it.

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